Food Service & Laundry Equipment Division

ELENCO GENERAL TRADING EST., a company of the Elenco Emirates Group, was established in 1968. The Foodservice and Laundry Equipment Division offers a comprehensive range of professional services in the kitchen, bakery and laundry equipment fields. The services range from AutoCAD designing with 3D presentations to after-sales service by factory-trained technicians.

At ELENCO, our aim is to give hundreds of chefs a better working environment, and the way we do this is by offering them a range of over 5000 specialist products for food preparation, cooking, ventilation, refrigeration, dishwashing, bakery and laundry.

The complete range of internationally renowned names we distribute is designed to make life easier, food tastier, and cleaning up quicker, whilst also helping to protect the environment.

The application of the strictest international standards, and ISO certifications of the entire production processes are your guarantee of this, but what gives us our cutting edge is our ability to give you better solutions with more reliable products and a more efficient after-sales service, based on a simple but fundamental policy: no problem is too big, no customer too small.

A vast range of products to choose from, certified quality, a large organization and the fame of our representations: these are all important factors in choosing a professional kitchen, however, when it comes to the crunch, there’s more to it than just quality and quantity.

We know that customers also decide on the basis of “the personal touch” , willingness to help, accurate information, and plain and simple hard work. You can’t se any of these added extras, yet they are all part and parcel of our whole organization.

All too often, talk about doesn't lead to anything. But for us, customer satisfaction is not what we aim to achieve, it’s what we start off with.

Perhaps the most widely used and abused concept in modern industry is customer satisfaction. Many consider it of secondary importance; some just say it. others merely take it for granted. However, we, at Elenco, see it as the cornerstone on which we build our reputation and from where we project our quality products. Of course, quality appliances themselves are indispensable, but at the end of the day, without people who use and look after them, they don’t offer anything more than just good-looks.